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Balms Away!!!!

We're using this snowy December weekend to finish producing our beard balms! They contain the same nourishing ingredients as our beard oils stabilized in shea butter, mango butter, and beeswax to help feed your beard while helping you style it as well. I will now explain what these butters do exactly, Shea butter- It helps keep your beard soft and includes tons of vitamin A and E, It reduces beardruff by moisturizing your skin, also, it encourages hair growth while promoting collagen production a win-win situation for helping you have a great beard! Mango butter, pressed from the mango kernel not the fruit. It possesses nutrients that are known to help prevent damage from UV-rays and with its high oxidation properties it help aid with clearing blemishes while healing minor skin damage.

Finally beeswax (thank you bees!) it contains antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial qualities while sealing in moisture All three of these ingredients would do wonders for your beard on their own and we bring you all of them together in each of our balms! available in a small half ounce sample combo pack or in two ounce black tins by themselves. Thanks for reading this, I hope you will use our product to help your beard look its finest, even if you don't then i hope you've learned something


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